Nikita Novikov

Postdoctoral Fellow

The main scientific interest is the functional role of oscillations in neural computations, scpecifically at the microcircuit level.
In cooperation with Dura-Bernal lab, Nikita develops a NetPyNE-based tool for exploring oscillatory patterns in biophysial models of neural circuits. 

Graduated from MIREA, Moscow, with the specialist degree (master equivalent). Qualification: engineer in biotechnical systems. Worked as a software developer, then became a researcher at the Cognitive Neuroscience department of HSE, Moscow. Participated in a study of oscillatory EEG signals during cognitive control tasks. Helped teaching theoretical neuroscience on a master programme.

Finished a PhD school at HSE, with the project related to computational modelling of working memory systems under external periodic forcing. The defense of the PhD thesis will take place at Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris, where Nikita is currently working as a reseracher.