Teaching Sao Paulo
2020 Latin American School on Computational Neuroscience (LASCON), University of Sao Paulo, Brazil.


Teaching and Mentoring Experience


2015-Present    SUNY Downstate semester-long graduate course in Computational Neuroscience (developed curriculum; taught 5 years).

2015-Present    SUNY Downstate Mentor/Supervisor, 4 postdocs and 5 graduate students.

2020                  VIII Latin American School on Computational Neuroscience (LASCON), Institute of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. (link)

2019                  Principles of Computational Neuroscience Course, Sassari University, Sardinia. (link)

2018                  NEURON Summer Course, Emory University, Atlanta. (link)

2018                  VII Latin American School on Computational Neuroscience (LASCON), Institute of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

2016-2018        Bronx high-school of ScienceMentor,3 students for Intel Regeneron Science Talent Search (all reached semifinals).

2016                  NYU Tandon School of Engineering semester-long undergraduate course Topics in Biology: Computational Neuroscience (developed curriculum).

2014                  SfN’14 NEURON Workshop, Lecturer,Washington, US.

2009-2010       University of Plymouth, TAfor modules of BSc and MSc in Computer Science, UK.


Teaching CNS
CNS’19 Tutorial 'Building biophysically detailed neuronal models: from molecules to networks', Barcelona, Spain.


Workshop and Tutorial Organization


2020                 CNS’20 Workshop organizer, Tools and resources for developing and sharing models in computational neuroscience.(link)

2020                 CNS’20 Tutorial organizer, Building mechanistic multiscale models, from molecules to networks, using NEURON and NetPyNE.(link)

2019                 CNS’19 Tutorial organizer, Building biophysically detailed neuronal models: from molecules to networks, Barcelona.

2018                 CNS’18 Tutorial organizer, Multiscale Modeling from Molecular to Large Network Level, Seattle.

2017                 Bernstein Conference Workshop organizer, Multiscale Modeling and Simulation, Gottingen.


Google Next 2018
Google Next 2018 conference. 'Brain Simulations: The Next Space Race'. London, UK.


Invited Talks

2020                 NSF CloudBank round table. NSF-funded researchers using Google Cloud. Nov 21./p>

2020                 COMBINE’20 Workshop. Multiscale modeling with NetPyNE. Oct 9.

2020                 University of Houston BME. Deciphering the brain’s neural code. Sep 17.

2020                 CNS’20 Workshop. Machine learning and mechanistic modeling for understanding brain in health and disease, Online. July 18

2019                 Nathan Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research. C-BIN Seminar Series. Oct 7.

2019                 CUNY Graduate Center. Neuroscience Collaborative Seminar Series. September 27.

2019                 Brown University. Workshop on Multiscale Network Modeling. May 24.

2018                 Google Next’18 London conference. Session: Computing with Power not Previously Possible. London, UK. October 11.

2018                 Google HPC Hackathon. London, UK. October 9.

2018                 MetaCell Webinar. Building Multiscale Brain Models. September 26.

2018                 Google Next’18 San Francisco conference. Session: Computing with Power not Previously Possible. San Francisco. July 26.

2018                 CNS’18 Workshop. Developing, standardising and sharing large scale cortical network models, Seattle. July 15.

2018                 MIT. Inspired by Ramon y Cajal Talks, Boston. June 26.

2018                 UC Davis. Center for Neuroscience. Davis. May 15.

2016                 University of Sao Paulo. Research, Innovation and Dissemination Center for Neuromathematics, Sao Paulo, Brazil. April 11.

2015                 New York University (NYU), Meet the Professional Series, Tandon School of Engineering. New York. April 24.

2013                 Johns Hopkins University. Applied Neuroscience Seminar, Applied Physics Lab, Baltimore. June 5.

2010                 University of Sheffield. Probabilistic Neural Computation. Sheffield, UK. Nov 15.




2016-Present    Neuroscience talks in middle/high schools. Spanish Scientists in USA (ECUSA), NY

2014                   Afterschool neuroscience course. Developed and taught course at Brooklyn middle schools. New York Academy of Science, NY.

2011                   Spanish and English as second language. Summer school in Dakar, Senegal.

2009-2012        STEM Ambassadors programme. Science engagement talks at schools and community colleges, Plymouth, UK.